santa's workshop is closed


We're sorry.
Santa's not here right now.
But if you leave your name and number...

3 pm yesterday: last 2 boxes to the post office! Containing the last two recalcitrant holiday gifts. Yay!

Ever had that dream? Where you're running away from some nameless horror, only to discover that you can't actually run uphill, and you're forced to scratch and dig with your fingernails and pull yourself up a modest rise in the middle of a crowded street?

Yeah, the knitting version of that.

The **** I was whipping up for **** turned out to be the wrong color. Scratch that. Crank out something smaller, without sleeves. One down.

The **** for **** then got to the bound-off edge, with 600-some-odd stitches, and I ran out of the contrast yarn. Quick check in at Churchmouse the next time I was there? They don't carry it any more. But wait! Mom was making scarves out of this stuff like mad! Maybe she can bring some over! But wait! It's the wrong colorway.


So the **** I decided to make instead got to the last little bitty bit up at the top, and I didn't like the way it ended up, so thought I'd pull out the last few rows. .... And ended up in that particular knitter's HELL where you canNOT get your stitches back on the needle, so you rip back a little further to what looks like a reasonable row? Except some of your stitches ladder down (damn that soft yarn!), and so you rip back a little further ... and before you know it, you might as well have gone down to the cast on and just bloody well started over.

Oh yeah, and it's December 21.


Fortunately, Plan E came through, and is quite lovely and perfect, if I dare say so myself.
And in the box, winging its way south (perhaps?) through the snow and ice.

Mooseknits and Giant Moose, if it comes late, don't blame me -- it would be the local Post Office, not being able to dig out from the inches of frozen slush we now have. Plus the 6 extra inches we might be due for tonight!??!

The other box contained some **** for ****, which had to be re-bound-off a total of 4 times while I tried tried tried to find the right method to give the right look, plus the right color at the edge to make it look loverly.

And so, it is thus with profound relief that I am able to announce the final moments of Knitting Gift Season '08. And it's ending with a treat. A Selbu Modern, for someone I know.… it's going to match her ****:

I'm smitten.
So much so, I've picked out colors for another one, for myself.
Hope to be casting on for this on Christmas morning:

Happy Holidays, everyone.
May you have enough time to knit,
Great yummy things to eat,
and some snow outside to make it cozy.

(Don't have snow? Want some of ours?)