marathon day by the numbers

May to November, 2008 – Miles run in training:
the equivalent of Port Townsend to Portland … ROUND TRIP.

November 29, 2008:
Miles to drive to marathon hotel: 65
Knitting projects brought on weekend junket: 2
Stitches knit on one project: about 40
The project that engaged my hyperactive brain in just the right amounts?
This triple-stranded brioche-stitch scarf (with 3 fibers from Habu):

Number of pain-relieving unguents packed: 3

Number of anti-chafing agents applied: 2
(Here's the one for my feet.)
(I can't post photos of the other–
It'd get me waaay more hits on this site than I bargained for.)
(Suffice it to say: get a good jog bra. One without seams.)

Someone please tell me …
was there a yarn crawl I missed at the Seattle Center?
Was I supposed to follow the sheep?

(Had it only been that easy.) (They should have used sheep.) (I would have kicked ass.)

Number of cups of coffee before the start: 2
Number of porta-potty stops en route: 1
(But you didn't want to know that, did you?)

Girls at the starting gate, looking fresh-faced and positive:

We had the whole posse there!
Dad and Ro-Dog, our official race mascot:

Miles cycled by Eb, the Motivation Expert, to cheer 3 of us girls on: 18
(The paddle says "Go Baby Go!" on the one side, and "The Spankin' Machine is Here" on the other. It's a long story. Go rent "Run, FatBoy, Run," and you'll never look at a spatula the same way again.)

Number of folks starting the marathon run: more than 2100

Here we are at mile 9, going strong and looking pretty happy:

Pacing team we were following: 4:45 finish time (10:52min/mile)
Number of miles I kept up that pace: 16
Mile marker where I started to get kind of panicky: 8

I dropped back to run my own race after that, said a tearful goodbye to Nurse K, and told her I'd see her at the finish line… and good thing I did, because she proceeded to open up a giant can of WHOOP-ASS and finish in 4:45 as the last gal across the line with the pacer bunny: last gal standing in our pack of 12 or so.

Nurse K taking the first (brutish, nasty, and short) hill at Mile 20:

Me, half an hour later, taking a look at that same hill and deciding to walk up it:

Number of times I started to cry between miles 24 and 26.2: 3
(I eventually stopped myself from sobbing as I entered the stadium, solely to save my breath for RUNNING across the field to the finish line. A girl can't run and come apart at the same time.)

Number of pads they make you step on near the end of the race: 2
The one that really counts as the finish line?: The second one.
(That's the half-marathon clock on the left; they started 45 minutes before we did, and there were still half-marathon walkers out on the course.)

Happy girls at finish line: 2
Happy family at finish line: 7

Now someone please tell me what sadistic creep put a RAMP UP into the recovery area at Memorial Stadium?
I mean, really.

Calories burned in a 5:25 marathon: 2,000

Number of future marathons we're considering: .... ?

Jury's out, kids.
This was wicked hard.
And it still hasn't sunk in yet.