oh. hi!

Wow. Sorry about that.

In planning my work flow this year, I'd set aside December as a kind of catch-all month, with no big goals per se. Just a few weeks in which to catch up on unfinished business, knit on holiday gifts, and actually get my year-end accounting details dealt with before the end of the year.

It's turned out to be a nice breather… but I apologize that it's also meant a week of radio silence here at the blog! (I was doing so well, too. Five daily posts in a row! Darn.) Some of you were kind enough to have questions. We here at casa akabini have answers.

Will you run another marathon?
My answer last Monday, the day after the Seattle Marathon: a resounding "Hell, no!"
(It took me 2 days to be able to walk down stairs properly.)
My answer today, 2 weeks after the marathon: a resounding, "Hell, yes!"
I want a chance to actually run all the way through one. That will be helped by sticking to my own pace, instead of trying to keep up with folks who have longer legs than I. I want my shot at redemption, dammit.

So Himself and I have our eyes set on… CHICAGO.
Yes, just me and 39,999 of my closest running friends, beating a path through the flatness that is downtown Chicago. Perhaps only a dozen or so of us will be taking a detour to kneel for a moment in reverence at the door of the building which houses Franklin of the Panopticon. [Then, of course, Dolores will be spearheading the crew from Boystown, who apparently show up in full cheerleading kit. Bless those boys.]

Are you still running?
To date, not yet. Not due to any injury, just enjoying some time off the roads. I've been back to the gym, which is great. (Dad got me started again!) I'll probably go for a shorter 4-6 miler sometime this week, if it doesn't end up too snowy and icy out!

Enough with all this running already! What are you knitting?
Oh, bad timing on that question, my weasels. It's the middle of Holiday Knitting season, which means scads of unbloggable objects until December 26. But I can report a healthy obsession with interest in Brioche Stitch, thanks to this great site. I've whipped out one gorgeous floppy beret in a cotton/silk combo:

…and am working on a scarf sample for Churchmouse out of that sleeper yarn, Kid Classic from Rowan. (In an uncharacteristic shade of Pinot Noir. Closer to purple than I usually venture, and a healthy distance from orange, green and blue.)

The rest of my brain has been sucked up by the Winter mailer for Churchmouse (in mailboxes sometime next week/weekend!), and a complete overhaul of my wardrobe à la Tim Gunn (more on that later).