i did it!

Five hours, 27 minutes.

First half (13.1 miles): 2 hrs, 24 min. (exactly the same time as my half-marathon in Bellingham 2 months ago! Like, to the minute!)

Second half: well, you do the math.

Kept up with Nurse K* and the 4:45 pacer crew very well through mile 15, then had to drop back and run my own race. All in all, I'm very proud that I kept going, pushed through all the hard bits. It's a gorgeous marathon, even if there are some RUDE hills in there after mile 20.

The day was foggy and in the low 50s – perfect running weather.
And all my peeps were there at the finish line as I sprinted through the stadium!

Now pardon me while I go lay on the couch and rub my quads and ankles all day.
I have "John Adams" (the first 2 discs of the miniseries) from Netflix, and about 23 unfinished objects to knit on, so don't feel too sorry for me.

Thanks to all of you for the thoughts and comments and support – they really did help!

I'll post photos later – Boyhood and others got some great snaps, I'm sure.

* Nurse K ROCKED and stuck right with that pacer the whole way through, finishing in 4:45 or so. What an amazing gal. (This, despite a muscle tear in her calf that sent her to the hospital a week or so ago, worried that she had a stress fracture!)