Perfect timing.
Just hit a milestone in the sidebar, in the last little run on our taper.
Last run before race day = more than 400 miles in training.


Maybe this is why we don't count up the total number of stitches in a sweater.

What would be completely intimidating ahead of time has become inspiring in hindsight.

And as I pull out the suitcase for this weekend's junket to Seattle for the Big M,
it's time to acknowledge all the ways in which running is just like knitting.

1. The tools, especially your favorite ones, get a bit fried.
My current pair of shoes, which I cannot change out for new ones now lest disaster strike on Sunday,
are remarkably like that set of metal 2.5mm sock needles which have been through so many pairs of socks that they have scoliosis.

2. The packing is just as crazy.
For relatively low-impact, low-carbon-footprint activities, running and knitting produce the EXACT same packing anxiety.
Can't forget my favorite _______ (jog bra; rosewood needles)!
Should I take two or three ________ (sock projects; pairs of running socks)?
What if _________ (it's cold or rainy on race day; I finish that sock project)?

3. Both activities require hydration and nutrition plans.
(Though I confess I prefer the knitterly version:
red wine instead of Recharge;
coffee instead of salt tablets.)
Can't you just see it? Coffee stations at Madrona, to perk up those flagging spinners at their wheels. Red wine being handed out by cheering volunteers as we head around that last corner with the mattress stitch …

I know we all must have some goal this time of year: to finish that holiday gift in time to get it in the mail to aloved one far away; to finish up that sweater during NaKniSweMo*; to get that Starmore off the needles this year, dammit, if it kills me …

Whatever your goals are, friends,
run towards them with a happy heart this weekend.
Just don't forget the band-aids and Body Glide.

* National Knit A Sweater Month, in which many knitters and knitbloggers attempt to start and finish a sweater in a month. KarenJo – how's yours going?