It's amazing to realize how much control our minds have over our experience:

Just came back from an "easy" 8-mile run.
Now, back a few months ago, when I started all this training nonsense, I remember heading out for a "huge" 6-mile run down at Dr. K's. Bearing in mind that it was hotter than Hades down in CA at the time, and that I hadn't done any distance over 3 miles since I struggled through the Rhody Run, it felt like a big achievement when I finished – and a daunting goal beforehand.

So whatever you hain't done before looks bigger before you do it – kind of like the rear-view mirror in your car. "Goals may be smaller than they appear."

Wish I had that same perspective on sweater projects – that might save me from casually starting 2 or 12 each week, in the blithe faith that they will somehow knit and finish themselves.