Okay, okay, I hear ya...
Y'all want pictures!

Here's the proof that I did that thing, and didn't just hang out and eat pizza:

(psst: that center bit SPINS!)
(I am easily amused.)

There's nothing like burning 950 1400! calories to get a gal in the mood for chips and a refreshing libation:

Boy was holding out the flowers for me to grab and take across the finish line. What a trooper!

What – proud? Me?


What – you expected shots of me running? All schvitzy? Are you serious? I have an image to maintain here!
(Besides, the only shot of me I could find on the photographer's website was taken just as I was wondering who the hell MOVED MILE TWELVE. It was supposed to come, oh, I dunno - maybe a mile or so after mile eleven (when I was feeling particularly buoyant and energized for some unknown reason... maybe the Hammer Gel). Instead, they moved it to somewhere just outside Spokane.

And lest you fear we're just resting on our laurels over here at Casa akabini, I'll have you know that Nurse K just e-mailed me with an adjustment to Saturday's running schedule. That easy 4-miler after both of our half marathons and vacations? She just upgraded to a fourTEEN miler. No prisoners. The gal's takin' no prisoners. (And who can resist a gal who delivers babies for a living?)

See you out there, sweetcakes.