i know, the suspense was killing you

I will torment you no longer.

Clever monkeys, can you guess where my package came from with this clue?

(Yup, that's yarn on the hoof over there!)

Okay … how about with this clue?

That's right: the Mecca of Merino.

K O I G U !

We spent an enchanting morning prowling their barn (not the sheep barn above, but a more sensible, functional, and heatable space) that houses their dying studio and winding machinery, and (sigh) the stock. I fell down just a wee bit. But it was planned, so no lives were lost. Here's what came this week:

On the right is an E N O R M O U S hank (seriously - 2 kilos?) of loverly turquoise KPM (Koigu Premium Merino). Solid color, but oh what a color.

Lower right is (gulp) 10 skeins of their ... new... silk blend. I mean, really: the only way they could have made this stuff more like crack was to introduce silk into the mix. Plans are for a Fair-Isle yoked cardigan as part of a twinset, made with the main color of turquoise and the fair-isle patterning in silk. Could ya just die?

And finally, at left in the photo is the bag of Kersti, their merino crepe yarn. I had jetted off on the Vogue Tour with specific intentions of purchasing some Kersti, since Churchmouse doesn't stock it any more, and because I love love love it so. (It's a DK-weight, so slightly thicker than the regular KPPPM, and a more lovely, bouncy yarn you have never seen. Chainette spun, so it's got lots of spring.) This bagful is a set of oddments, leftover lengths that didn't make full skeins in and of themselves. So at $100 or so a bag (and the bag is one-and-a-quarter kilos), a lovely investment. My nefarious plan for this batch is a top-down (suprise!) linen-stitch or tweed-stitch (surprise!) A-line cardigan. Sometime next week year.

I suppose I could have taken KarenJo's advice from the comments yesterday and purchased an actual finished garment rather than these yarn futures, but where's the fun in that?

This stuff truly is:

Wish y'all could come over and fondle it. (Of course, I'd have to charge you!)