cover art meme

Here's a meme my brother will love:

With the help of engines that randomly select pages from very deep sites (such as wikipedia), you select the first 4 words from one page, the last 4 from another, and the third image from an image site and - poof! - you're a rock and roll band!

Here's the image I created with InDesign, using the phrases and things given to me by the randomness generator:

Zowie. That's lush.
[Now all we need is a drummer.]

(Here are the rules for how to play. You get to put the pieces together to make a neat album cover, using the software of your choice.) ... with thanks to BlueGal for the link.

Disclaimer: no, I have not joined a band; yes, I am still knitting; yes, the Lotte sweater is still loveliness itself; and why, yes, I do have company coming over for dinner and a house to clean? Why do you ask? Go away - I'm stalling here.