and... they're off!

Sitting in our lovely airport hotel room at Schipol, relaxing before our flight.
Amsterdam is looking particularly lovely right now:


I hope everyone's year is starting out as wonderful as mine –
here's what Boyhood had waiting for me yesterday evening:

Water at the perfect temperature;
Rosemary-Mint shampoo at the ready;

and a lovely new cocktail on ice on the side.

(Am I the last person to discover that whiskey with ginger ale is a wondrous thing?)








Now all we have to do is get the hell out of Dodge with our secret stash:

Do you think they'll buy it that 70+ bars of chocolate is for "personal use" only?*

Or will we be stopped at the border, trying to smuggle contraband out of Amsterdam?

Stay tuned.

* Oh, I'm sorry – you'd do it too! When they're 69 EuroCents over here (=approx. $1US), and they're $2.69 at home? Worth the over-weight charges on the luggage. Still