finish two, start one

In this season of resolutions, here's a great idea from my friend Kit:

Before starting a new project, I will finish two UFOs. 

Great advice, really...
Rather than set yourself up for a grueling, all-or-nothing, no-fun, nose-to-the-grindstone hell march through your unfinished pieces (which just sets you up to HATE every single moment of them, I fear), here's a solution that ensures regular progress through a backlog of projects.

I tried it out over the weekend, with brilliant results.

FO #1: George's Spring Training Ensemble.
Y'all remember Baby George?





His papa's a big S.F. Giants fan,
so here's Boy George's
Spring Training ensemble.



FO #2: Unpattern Simple Sweater is Simply Finished!
(Egad, my notes say I started this one back in April!)

UPSimpleCashsoft.jpgYarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft DK
(MC olive, trimmed in turquoise)
Needles: US 5 (3.75 mm)
Purl darts at the waist and cuffs.

I must say, this one fits me to a T and I'm quite chuffed! 








I seamed, I wove in ends, and then I tore right into a Luxe Neck Warmer from the book Knit2Togther by Tracy Ullmann (yes, *that* Tracy Ullmann!) and Mel Clark. And after three (3!) false starts, I give you:

FO #3: Luxe Nashua Neck Warmer


A giant, socking case of Knitter's Hubris on this one.
"Cable cast on? Naah - Knitted cast on will look just fine." (Completely forgetting Kit's lecture on the looseness and general swagginess of knitted cast on from oh, a week or two ago.) RipRipRip.
"I know it's not the same, smooshy cashmere that's in the pattern - but I'll just start with what they recommend in the book and ignore the ball band on this single-ply, chunky alpaca/wool." (Too dense for anyone not in neck traction and needing a brace cozy.) RipRipRipRip.
"I don't like that 16" needle I have in the 10-1/2 - It'll be fine if I just go up one needle size, right?" (Note to self: any time I have to talk myself into something like that, it's likely a rationalization and I might as well just go put on a coat of nail polish and waste some knitting time productively. Sheesh.) RipRipRipRipRip.

Some days, with some projects, the FOURTH time's the charm. 

Yarn: Nashua Creative Focus Chunky, in "Salmon"
Needles: US 10-1/2 (Finally!)
A great little pattern, which I will definitely whip up again. These little neck cozies are such a great idea in our wild, windy weather where a scarf just becomes a self-flagellation device.

And best of all? That neckwarmer counted as FO#1 in the next round of Finish 2, start 1 ... so I'm that much closer to that Jo Sharp ribbed cardigan I've had my eye on!