what could be better?

... than a box in the mail?

ooh, the suspense...

How about a box from a knitter?
... A knitter on ravelry
... with whom one is doing a swap?

How about a box from a knitter containing yarn?
How about a box from a knitter containing SURPRISE yarn?

i can almost taste it...

Oh, the only way that gets any better is when the surprise yarn is:


 K O I G U !
(color P830L, don'tcha know.)

[The lovely pink pat underneath them is Nashua Creative Focus Chunky, in a cooked-to-perfection salmon shade. Yum.]

Here's the backstory on my litle treasure box:
Fellow Raveler TracyRee "stalked my stash" (her term): she noticed I had a bunch of a yarn she needed. We exchanged messages, and then addresses, and in the lovely trusting way of knitters, I sent her my 2 balls of yarn.
Little did I dream she'd send along such loveliness...
Light green Koigu.
Makes a girl's heart go pitter-pat-what-am-i-gonna-knit-with-that...

Thanks, Tracy.