stole(n) moments

It's official: I have reached sophomore status on the stole.

As in "my brain has turned completely sophomoric."

I had to rip back three rows to retrieve a dropped stitch during my bus ride yesterday, and all the fog was on the OUTSIDE of the bus, thankyouverymuch...
and after ripping out at least 2 rows per repeat this morning,
I am forced to admit that I've gotten to that nasty place in a complex project when I think I know enough of what I am doing to relax a little bit....
And then my brain runs off on a tangent (gee, I have a few of those these days, now don't I?)...

Leading to P2togs where there should be P2togtbls, YOs where they don't belong either-
you get the idea.


Between the Addi Turbo Lace needles - which I love to distraction, but damn are they slippery! - and the Sea Silk - ditto - and a bumpy bus ride, it was all I could do yesterday morning to get my bespoke 2 repeats done.

Tackled 2 more mid-morning today, while Madam sewed herself up a snazzy hoody from a Goodwill sweatshirt and T-shirt. We were able to determine, through scientific observation and monitoring of the kitchen clock, that it takes me an average of 35 minutes per 12-row repeat.

Thirteen repeats down-
Thirty or so to go?

See you in 18 hours.