meet the team: 2

Meet The Stole:
Makings%20of%20a%20Stole.JPG Yarn: Handmaiden "Sea Silk"
70% silk, 30% "Seacell®"= seaweed!
(Naturally antibacterial!)
Needles: Addi Turbo Lace needles, size US 5 (3.75 mm)

Some of you might notice that I am not, in fact, working this up in Eunny Jang's fabulous "Print o' the Wave" pattern that's featured in the photo.
Many, many were the ideas I had for this stole, and many were the ones I rejected for various reasons.

Complicated wrong-side rows? Outta here.
Crazy-huge repeats using charts larger than my lap? No thanks.
Triangular shawls with shaping and different stitch patterns for main panel and edgings? Not on your life, buster.

To make matters even more complicated, I was hoping for a stitch pattern which had some meaning for the two of us. ('Razor Shell' was right out, as was 'Broken Acre'). 'Ocean Waves' was thus perfect for the skirt edging, given where we live - right near the water in the glorious Pacific Northwest.

Enter "Traveling Vine" lace, to be found in many stitch dictionaries. I found it in
Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls
(page 39), wherein one can find 'Ocean Waves' as well (page 75).
The twining and traveling motif is just perfect for us - given that we want to spend a lot of time during our married life over in zee old country.

A few notes for posterity:
* The Addi Turbo lace needles are the bomb. 'Nuff said.
(Well, not quite - you'll hear more raves when you meet The Top.)
* Number of days to wedding: 17.
Number of repeats of chart completed: 9.
Number of repeats required: 42 or 44, depending on how hard I've reefed on it before measuring (!).
Ergo: Number of repeats per day required to make deadline = 2.
* Thanks to Amy Singer and her fabulous presentation at Churchmouse a few weeks ago, I actually know how to block this successfully! Before hearing her speak on her recent book, No Sheep for You, I might have soaked it in water and then blocked it - with potentially disastrous results. Instead, I threaded blocking wires through the selvage stitches, pinned out the points at the bottom edge, and then spritzed lightly with a spray bottle. A few hours later…

Gotta run! Haven't done any repeats yet, and it's time to make dinner!