meet the team: 1

Since some of y'all may be new to my story, I thought I should introduce you to the current players in my little knitting drama.
You know, The Team.

I'll try to post about one piece each day this week, as I look at the counter at right and try not to hyperventilate. (WHEN did it get to be less than TWENTY DAYS?) (Oh yeah. Yesterday.)

Meet The Skirt:

Book: Rowan #41 Spring/Summer 2007
Pattern: "Wisteria Skirt"
Yarn: Jo Sharp "Soho Summer DK Cotton" in color #228, 'Calico' (more of an ecru, really)
Needle size used: US 4 / 3.5 mm


I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I said that this photo set off the crazy notion of knitting my wedding ensemble. What can I say? It was spring, and Boyhood and I had just discussed the possibility of getting hitched in some low-key fashion. I go to work, start flipping through the latest yummy new Rowan book, and poof! Next thing I know, I'm hunting down yarn and it's off we go!

A few notes on this project:
• this skirt is knit sideways, with the cast-on and cast-off edges forming the seam lines down either side. The short row shaping that makes the skirt flare at the bottom was really fun. I didn't bother to wrap-and-turn my short rows, since the turning points make up one of the design features (you can even see them in the book photo).
• this is one of the few cotton yarns that I truly LOVE. I have knit at least three projects from it, and would be happy to do more. It is notoriously splitty, being made up of a bajillion little tiny plys; but it is precisely its multi-ply nature that makes it enjoyable to knit despite its cotton-ness.
• I did NOT, repeat NOT, attempt the crocheted lace edging originally called for in this pattern. I can crochet my way out of a paper bag, but only just... and the thought of attempting a lace edging - on a Capital-D-Deadline - just made me want to go all Southern and have a little lie-down with a shot of something fortifying. So it was off to the stitch dictionaries for lil'ol' me, and I came up trumps with "Ocean Waves," an 11-stitch simple lace edging, knit sideways, with plain purl rows. Hallelujiah and pass the chips.
• I also added an elastic waistband under a stockinette hem. The original pattern called for a row of buttons up the side, and although I'm a fan of lots of little buttons, I thought they would interfere with the lines of the top worn over it.
• This is one of the pieces Boyhood has seen knit up, so I'm not spoiling anything here. He just hasn't seen it on yet (and won't, for another 18 days!).

Next up: The Golden Stole