It just occurred to me, as I was taking the melted butter out of the microwave to mix into the apple crumble topping...
that I am relaxed.

I had a relaxed Sunday today, which involved coffee in bed, uninterruped reading of a whole chapter of a novel, grocery shopping, making soup AND dessert in a languid manner in my own kitchen for an hour-

instead of running around hoping I'm keeping up with Boyhood as he trims out or paints or performs some of his myriad miracles.

instead of knitting furiously on something, sweating the deadlines and praying it'll fit.

Nope, none of that.

Just rain outside (which forced the day off), and Mom watching golf on her TV at her house, and my Dad having a visit with our fabulous friend-and-massage-therapist Terry, and a snoring dog.

You know, like life.

I don't care if it's "the calm before the storm" or something like that - I'm just grateful for some normalcy.

The Crew (a.k.a. the unpaid relations - Mom and Dad) did a yeoman's job on the yard yesterday, so there's very little that HAS TO GET DONE B.T.W. (Before The Wedding).

It's a nice feeling.

Snaps tomorrow, kids - I'm off to stir soup.