You get your arse in gear and finally pull together a blog,
and next thing you know, your lovely friends start quoting you back to yourself?

Never should have used that gym metaphor.

And KarenJo - I got three repeats done on the ride home last night, thankyouverymuch!

Niener niener.

Today's goals (and there are many):
1. Block Pastaza Cardigan (known around here as the Curry Cardigan - it's a a great color.):
Blocked Curry

2. Re-start the THIRD attempt at a Fair-Isle Beret design for Churchmouse;
3. Perform my daily allotment of THREE (yes, count'em - 3) repeats on the stole;
4. Sew together Curry Cardigan, work buttonbands and neckband.

And other general hilarity, such as getting my hair color done (to match the gold of the stole! how's that for geeky), cook dinner...

And hell - it's already almost noon.