a golden month.

Cold air rushes in when I open the door first thing in the morning.
The spiders are showing up on the doorstep (and in the sink!) with their little valises.
The neighborhood kids are slumping down the street.

All this can mean only one thing:
September is at hand.

We launched the Golden Month with a bang last night, in part thanks to MomFace...
She arrived yesterday afternoon, with lots of goodies. Here are just a few, posing with two wedding knitting projects:
GoldenMonth.JPG 1. My shawl, out of HandMaiden Sea Silk (30% silk, 70% seaweed!)
2. Boyhood's wedding tie (in Linen Stitch, of course)...
Knit from the same skein.

How's that for an adorable metaphor?

Well, this month sure has started off right!
Let the celebrations begin.