in case you were wondering -

This is what heaven looks like.

The sleeper sofa is one I used to enjoy at a friends' house down in Bainbridge once a week. Bought it when they had a baby and couldn't indulge guests in their spare room anymore (I mean, really - PRIORITIES!).
Boyhood and I pull it out on occasion for "Slumber Parties" - pizza and a movie and falling asleep in front of the TV in our own living room.

Today, Momma's takin' a knitting day!
Hound's at Party Farm,
Computer work can wait,
There's some deadline knitting to do!
"Duchess of Duke Street" is on the TV, and all is right with the world.

For those taking notes, there are (only) three projects in view-
1. Wedding skirt, awaiting its second crocheted seam and the casing for its elastic waistband.
2. Cardigan in Cascade 'Pastaza' (peeking out of
swag bag
) - prototype for new pattern line.
3. Fair Isle Banded Beret for Churchmouse new shop pattern I'll be teaching from this fall.

Work never looked so good.