all rolled up...


... with somewhere to go.

When there are, oh, say, 30 more inches of edging to work on,
and her best time for knitting is on the bus,
what's a gal to do?

Roll a fat one, that's what.

I'm rather proud of this solution
(perhaps more than I should be).

40-some inches of edging, wound around a TP tube, and pinned in place with T-pins so it doesn't unroll on me on the ride.

Most of my wedding-knitting time takes place during my 2-hour bus ride down to Bainbridge, where I teach once a week. So, by necessity, I bundle up what I need to be working on and schlep it on and off two buses. So it helps if it's portable, and a little distracting–this edging is perfect for that.

Of course, I'll take along another project, "just in case."
Because the worst possible thing that could happen is that a girl could end up with no knitting on a day when she's travelling ... to ... a yarn store.