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Geek Week, Day One: How the Digital Music Revolution Helps Your Skin Tone

Imagine we're on an adventure like the old BBC series, "Connections" - let's see how many steps it takes to get from small-project knitting to makeup and face cream. (In this house, it can't be that far!)

All of you who are reading this now: raise your hand if you own an iPod.
[My brother, who works at Apple and owns stock, thanks you.]

Now, the MP3 has revolutionalized music listening as we know it -- road trips, for one, will never be the same again. (And I'll end up in a rocking chair thirty years from now, trying to explain to my friend L's daughter, Nylah, about listening to the same tape over and over again as you cross the Southern California desert... but that's a story for another time.)

Meanwhile, if you're like me, you probably have a few of these things lying around:
1499159-1190599-thumbnail.jpgCD boxes. How quaint.

(Mine are from Ikea, fold-into-shape plain brown cardboard, with a black library case label holder clipped on the front).
(What can I say? My ex and I are both children of librarians - we used to have each box based on mood.)

(I kept most of the contents of the box labelled "THUMPATHUMPATHUMPA." Try to act surprised.)

And speaking of obsolescence... When knitting truly started to take over my life (but in a good way), I was optimistic about the usefulness of these little shoe-sized Tuppermaid/Rubberware bins:

1499159-1190578-thumbnail.jpg Good looking, tidy, with locking lids...
But d*mn near useless when it comes to storing full-sized sweater projects.

So I have a whole host of these, and while they're sweet for holding a few skeins of yarn, I've mostly relegated them to other storage uses, like holding the turkey baster and meat thermometer in the garage - easy to find in that Thanksgiving rush.

 So here I sit, listening to music on my computer and selling my CDs ... and it occurs to me that those cardboard CD boxes sure would be handy for organizing other things: those photos that were going to make it into an album one day? how about a box on a topic. "Trips to France," "Family," "Friends," "Wild Parties," ... oh, never mind.

I'm liking them for small-project storage, too. 1499159-1178951-thumbnail.jpg

 ... and when I get really organized, I'll have a digital photo to slide into the label holder on the front to show what the yarn is and what I want to use it for.


1499159-1178950-thumbnail.jpg I have one shelf in the bookcase behind my knitting chair that is too short for stacking books in, so I have a row of CD boxes there for holding wee scarf, hat, mitten projects, like this:

Think of it as a little small-project queue, like on Ravelry!


But we're not done organizing yet... oh no no no.


I'm the kind of person who would sort their nail polish and lipstick colors alphabetically - in her free time - just for fun. (It's an illness, really.) (Did I mention the whole child-of-a-librarian thing?)

And I noticed a need for more clarity under our bathroom sink. If you've been over to the Tarpaper Castle, you know that we are not blessed with over-large bathrooms. Basically, our tallest friend could stand in the middle of the room and touch the walls. 7'x7' is the size of the LARGER bath. Needless to say, there are no his-and-her side by side vanities in our villa! One undersink cabinet (from Ikea again), and that's it. What's a girl to do?

 The shelf in this cabinet has to be low because of the sink plumbing, so that left me juuuuust enough room for those CD boxes below. Cut the lids off for easy access, and voila: one for soap, one for face scrubs, razors, even one for nails!

Oh yes, you bet your sweet bippy that I typeset the labels for these bins. I didn't set books for 5 years for nothin', sweetcakes. Momma is a type ho.


NailBox.jpg (Of course a girl has a tiara in her nail polish bin. Where else should you keep a tiara, after all?)










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