welcome to geek week!

We are getting our first snowfall of the season, and my bus ride down to Churchmouse for the second installment of FeralKnitter's Color Your Own Fair Isle was just a wee bit hairy, ...
but in the blogosphere, all is calm, as it ever is.

Quietly, in the background of things (and eclipsed by my computer drama), there has been an exodus in the Land of akabini. Slowly, but surely, we are migrating to Zee Old Country for some pre-holiday family time. Mom flew out earlier this week; Dad hops a plane tonight, and Boyhood and I are heading out next Monday for an honest-to-god real THREE WEEK honeymoon.

So in anticipation of some travel-related posts, and in order to keep the knitting quotient up, I'm happy to present


One full week of posts about organizing your knitting and your life - because as our subtitle has it, it is possible to live better through knitting.

 Now, a lot of my organizational tools are born of an embarrassing necessity: when you have TWENTY or more UFOs ('UnFinished Objects') floating around your life, the entropy that normally rumbles underneath your life can easily erupt and take the form of missing skeins, patterns, stitch markers... you name it.

Recently, I've taken a firm hand with my projects, and discovered some tools and methods that are working very well right now. These may be subject to change as the mojo shifts, but over the course of the next few days, I'm going to share how these work for me, in the hopes that they will be helpful to you as well. And as they say in 12-step programs (for which there is no knitting version, THANK GOODNESS): 'Take what you like and leave the rest.'
Or, if you have a great tweak or other idea, post some in the comments! Let's be a force for good for knitters across the planet!

Tomorrow: What do small knitting projects and hair product have in common?
Stay tuned.