turn turn turn

First, let me say: We all made it; all the bags and folks arrived safely.

But there was that one moment in Sea-Tac airport where the gal behind the counter said:
"Oh -- you can't go."
with a straight face.
To my stepdaughter.

To our credit: Herself didn't burst into hysterical sobbing (as I would have done); Boyhood didn't leap over the counter and strangle anyone; and I didn't stab anyone with a double-point.

You see, unbeknownst to even these seasoned European travelers, in order to enter some European countries (like the Netherlands), your passport needs to be valid for THREE to SIX MONTHS past your date of entry... presumably so they don't end up stuck with some passportless expat with no visa and no job. Herself's passport expires on Feb. 21 -- a full TWO months after she's duet to leave on her return ticket, but nonetheless...

Once we clarified that the Netherlands was not her final destination (she was flying on with a one-way ticket to Aalborg, in Denmark), she got her boarding pass and we were off.

But I tell you what: that quarter of an hour is not one I'd like to revisit.
We all came down off the adrenaline in our own way: Boyhood had a little Bloody Mary with his airport lunch; Herself had a nibble of cheap American chocolate with me; and I?

I forgot to turn the heel of my flight-knitting sock
not once;
not twice;
but THREE times.

Which explains why the sum total of my travel knitting only amounted to about 2" worth of sock.
After being on the road for 24 hours.