let me distract you with color

I promised you color...
So here it is!


One "Speed Swatch," à la Feralknitter -- a great idea from her workshop at Churchmouse.
You see, she's of the opinion (which I heartily share), that it's not worth a ton of time and effort to swatch your exact Fair Isle pattern according to the chart - if you're still working out the colors.

I LOVE this technique.

So here I am, working out color changes, and number of rows for each color-
and for the record, I've only changed my mind ... oh, about 8 times.

The hole-punched business card to the left of the photo holds the NEW 'no-really-this-time-for-sure' colorway I'm thinking of working with.

Hope I have enough yarn to swatch with in the lovely little sample balls Janine sent us home with.