in which I whine (but only a little)

Well, we're entering Week 2 of Life Without A Computer of Mine Own...
and really, it's not for lack of trying on anyone's part.
• the guy on the phone at Tech Support was super-sweet;
• the folks at the Genius Bar deserve the name;
• and my in-house Genius Bar (thanks, Snej!) has been checking in every few days with some new ideas...

and the back-up new computer still just hasn't shipped yet.

So we're trying to enjoy Limbo-Land, and remember what the *@&% it was that we all DID before we could surf three hours a day and type up every single little thing and save everything to a spreadsheet or word-processing document...

I remember now.
Before I geeked out, I used to garden:

So that's what I did all yesterday afternoon.

This photo was taken at sunset, which comes around 4:30 pm these days here in the upper parallels-
the day had been simply too beautiful to spend inside. About 55 degrees F, sunny and still - just right for working in a long-sleeved shirt in the garden.

Now our veggie beds are all tucked in for their winter nap, under straw eiderdowns.
I even snapped a shot of our kale bed, sporting a magnificent colorway I wish I could translate into Fair Isle for Janine:

If this computerless state carries on for much longer, I'll have to resort to entertaining y'all with photos of Boyhood mopping the kitchen floor or something!