that down-home, low-tech lifestyle

Boy, has this been an eye-opening experience.

I wouldn't have suspected how much of my time and energy are spent on the computer -- until now, when it suddenly isn't there.

Thanks to those of you who commisserated with my on my 'quality problem.' Really, when you have food on the table and a roof over your head and rude health and a fantastic spouse, you don't have much of a leg to stand on in the complaint department, but...

It's odd how homeless I felt in the first day or two. Several times a day, I want to just jump on the computer and check something, or type something up, and I have to check myself before I plunk down into the chair.

Boyhood has been extremely patient, letting me hop on his computer to surf or having to reset the membership page every time we check e-mail. We've even survived the high-tech marital test: "Honey, can I use your computer to archive and reinstall my hard drive?" Let me tell you, when that screen asks you "Do you want to restart and reinstall OS X?," and he clicks "OK, "you know how much your honey loves you.

But it's time to stop the kvetching and get back to some primo, Grade-A knitting content!

... 'xcept I can't, on accounta it's the holidays, and everyone I'm currently knitting for reads my blog.

Ooh - I know! I'll go hunker down and crank out the 'speed swatch' for the colorwork I'm doing as part of FeralKnitter's "Color Your Own Fair Isle" workshop - and see if I can't entertain you with pretty pictures of color later.