nut up!

Alas, poor Yorick-
his laptop was probably bricked, too.

The gals at Churchmouse crack up over a new expression from their teenagers:
"Oh, just nut up!"
As in:
"Oh, just nut up, careen through Seattle, and take that laptop into the Apple store!"
And as in:
"Oh, nut up and drive home in rush hour on I-5 in the impending dark to cram your way onto a ferry with thousands of other early Thanksgiving escapees!"

I the headline after missing my exit off I-5:

Sean at Apple's 'Genius Bar' did his best, but the darn thing still won't boot. ("Couldn't find its *ss with both hands," as a friend of mine used to say.)

Next step? To send it off to the kind folks at repair -- though what they expect a gal to *do* without her computer for two weeks is really beyond me.