Flock? Gaggle? Herd?

What do you call a congregation or confluence of knitters, anyway?

I am discovering something this weekend-
Perhaps the only thing that can match the joy of travelling with a group of knitters is...
Having the knitters come to you!

One of the joys of living in vacation paradise is that folks just loooove to come to town-
and this weekend (which started on Wednesday for some), a large group of Seattle Knitters are at Fort Worden for their annual retreat. 

So they're here, with lovely projects and a table full of (post-Halloween) treats, and I can dash over whenever I want to see what everyone's up to, and have a chance for some actual visits and conversations. That's nice, given that I only see many of these folks in the hallways between classes at the Madrona retreat, or at Stitches, or if they come a-callin' at Churchmouse.

So welcome, everyone!

It could only be made better by the possibility of actually FINISHING Rosemarkie in their midst. And that could happen this afternoon- I'm almost down to the cuff! Now that will rate a glass of wine, I think!