Picture, if you will: I'm in the kitchen, one leg in my jeans-

(Never mind the question "What the *@%? are you doing getting dressed in the kitchen? especially when you don't have any blinds on those new windows?") 

and I stop to reach out and put the lid back on the strawberry jam.

A perfect illustration of one of my key faults:
I can't seem to just do one thing at a time. Ever.

Not in knitting (oh, certainly not in knitting! 20 UFOs at any one time is standard in this house.);
Not in business (two pattern lines! more ideas than time!)
Not in my daily routine, either. The above one-leg-in scenario is acted out at least twice a week at the gym: one sock on -- grab iPod -- put gym bag away -- one shoe on -- throw away gum …

Funny that this character flaw quirk doesn't bother me most of the time in my knitting- but come a Friday morning, when I'm having my 'Admin Day' ...? It becomes maddening.

You see, I save up those little fiddly things, like ordering more ink for the printer, for Fridays. In theory, it means that I don't have to interrupt my daily work flow and thought process to handle the fiddly things. In practice, however, I'm left with an entire DAY of fiddly things. So I'll be processing an order on one computer, printing out shipping labels on the other, printing out more copies of patterns, and at one point I'll be halfway through each thing and I just want to bludgeon a passer-by with a heavy object.

Take today: I'm printing out lots of copies of patterns for shipping, because I've warned my shops that we'll be closed in December and I won't be here to ship anything. I'm printing 24 sheets, and then I'll have to come back and flip to print page 2 on the other side. My usual M.O. would be to 'just run to the other computer and start typing in that invoice" ... where I notice that I haven't finished entering an address in my USPS 'Click 'n' Ship' window ... when I notice I have an old invoice in the printer that needs to be filed - so over at the filing cabinet I notice that there are files to be put away from the last time I started down this spiral...
And in the meantime, I have 24 half-printed patterns, one half-shipped package, an exploded file cabinet, and an office that looks like something out of Sarajevo in the '90s.

But a light is dawning at the end of my thought process tunnel: If the Harlot can get that much knitting done while she's writing or waiting for the computer, shouldn't I be KNITTING in those moments when I might otherwise reach for something else to start doing? After all, it's not like I don't have a lot of wee small things I want to be working on right now...

Done. One skein Rowan Wool Cotton, for a simple brioche-rib scarf to add to my wardrobe. Let's see if that adds to my zen.
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