Recipe for More Fun (than you ever thought possible)

Non-knitters, and loved ones of knitters, take note:
Here's how you can make your Knitter inordinately happy. 

Start with:

10 (ten) crazy knitters and add:
1 (one) vehicle large enough to tow them, their projects, and all their clobber to a fabulous vacation destination.


Allow to marinate for a few hours' drive.
Midway through the marinating process, add a large lunch:


[Wacky German theme optional, but hard to avoid during Oktober.]
For more flavoring and seasoning, have one of your knitters tackle both a Caesar salad the size of her head AND a hamburger. Hilarity ensues. Trust me.
(Miss T, ya did us proud!)

Stir liberally.
[And boy, was our scenery stirring, what with all the fall colors and rushing rivers... and we even discovered where flocked Christmas trees come from: from Flocked Tree Farms like this one!


See 'em up there? Already flocked and ready to be cut! Amazing.]

If possible, try to ensure that at least one knitter has a birthday:

(Great cake! And the sweater is fabulous, too!)

As your knitters are steeping in the relaxed atmosphere, bring to a simmer with facials:



Before serving back to daily life, finish off with a few FOs: 


Miss K's beautiful sweater, only a decade in the making! Yippee!

KsFOBack.JPG (of course you don't have to have woven in the ends for it to count as a Finished Object. Shame on you for even suggesting it!)

Miss K. got a resounding 'knitters' salute' (applaud with your needle tips, girls) for this one. 












Miss A. finished up a great wee hat for some lucky baby:










 And so we bid adieu to Sleeping Lady and our first annual Fall Retreat for the Sisterhood of the Travelling Needles.

Think we'll do it again next year?


You betcha. Lather, rinse, repeat.