meet Rosemarkie

It's been a refreshing return to the land of color, after this summer's wedding-related off-white knitting extravaganza...

And perhaps no project could celebrate this return to color better than Rosemarkie:

Pattern: "Rosemarkie Celtic Key Waistcoat" from Alice Starmore's The Celtic Collection
Yarn: Jamieson Shetland Spindrift, in 'Pine' main color and 5 contrast colors
Needles: US 2-3Rosemarkie1.JPG
She has the dubious distinction of being my oldest UFO*. So old, in fact, that I have a hard time tracking just exactly which year I began her. I remember where I was: at Acorn Street's annual retreat at Sleeping Lady (known affectionately as "Knitting Camp" in this house). I just can't remember what year. 2002? Maybe?
In any case, it's been long enough now that she deserves to get the *@&%^ off the needles.

A few months ago, I performed the delicate operation to cut the steeks for the front bands and the armhole openings.

(Note: not in frame, but within arm's reach, is the shot of Oban to steady the nerves and the hand with the scissors. No, seriously, folks, it's NO COINCIDENCE that the land that came up with CUTTING YOUR KNITTING rather than working back and forth is the same land that makes great whiskey.)

Nurse? Scalpel, please:


Clamp? Metzenbaum scissors?


The good news is, the patient lived.

She got her button bands at Sleeping Lady this last June, and I even found some fabulous buttons for her on a trip to Victoria with my The Sisterhood last fall.

So this week, when the Sisterhood themselves go to Sleeping Lady for a little Knit-Away, I thought it only appropriate to try to finish her up. This is a larger challenge that it might sound, given that I have (ahem)

Decided to give her sleeves.

On a deadline.


You see, Churchmouse is having a show of customers' Fair Isle garments in November, in honor of all the fun Fair Isle stuff we're knitting right now, and in conjunction with a special workshop taught by none other than Feral Knitter, the fabulous Janine Bajus. In her workshop (which I shamelessly took the first slot for, since I print out the sign up sheets myself as part of my job for CM, thankyouverymuch), we will get to choose our own colors for a future Fair Isle project.


So given the double incentive of being able to shamelessly show off my Rosemarkie, and to have a project off the needles so I can start another with impunity... The race is on.

Sleeves, ahoy! 

* UnFinished Object, for you non-knitters