two halves make a stole

Threadingwater was so kind as to indulge my vanity and ask for more details on the wedding stole.

Happy to oblige.


 Yarn: Handmaiden "Sea Silk," silk/seaweed fiber. One and a half skeins' worth.

Needles: US 5 (3.75mm) Addi Turbo Lace needles, 24" circular.

Stitch Pattern: "Traveling Vines," as written up and charted in Amy Singer's excellent book, No Sheep for You.

Cast on: 76 stitches and work 2 edge stitches as presented at right of chart repeat, then work through repeat 9? times, end with 2 edge stitches as presented at left of chart repeat.

Work even on these sts, repeating 12 rows of chart, until piece measures 1/2 as long as finished length of stole (remember, it will grow a bit in length when you block it) AND you are ready for a row 12. Do not bind off, but leave sts on a smaller holding needle or on waste yarn for later grafting.

Repeat all of the above for the second half of the stole, but end second piece ready for a Row 6 of chart.

Block both your pieces DRY: first stretch and pin to size and desired length, THEN mist lightly with water from a spray bottle and allow to dry. (Thanks Amy, for the tips on blocking silk!) 

Count your way across both pieces, putting locking stitch markers through the 2 sts that would be decreased in that next WS row (these would be P2togtbls for the piece ready for Row 6, and P2togs for the piece ready for Row 12).

Graft live sts of both pieces together using Kitchener stitch AND working 2 sts together where marked.

The Kitchener grafting is a PITA IMHO, but it does make for a glorious join. Be careful not to pull the Kitchenered stitches too tight- they need to match the tension of the other rows!

Beads are (what else?) faaaahbulous Swarofskis, sewn on after the fact with sewing thread, attaching each drop and 2 flanking #10 seed beads to the points on each edge.