suggestions for wedding survival

Okay, it's been over a week now, so you'd think the wedding-related posts would stop... But no!
Just a few scattered thoughts about the whole process before we get back to our regularly scheduled, primo knitting content.

Folks, if you're planning your nuptials, allow me to contribute the following simple suggestions to your process.

1. If at all possible, pack the stage with Ph.D.s (we had two! count 'em - two!)
vowed.JPG [Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature on the left; Doctor of Geoducks on the right. Don't ask - it has nothing to do with the tie.]

2. Timing.
Ladies, leave yourself time during the Big Day to not only get your hair done, but also for spontaneous, frivolous shopping junkets. Only purchase random, silly things such as:
...some wear white!


Yes siree, folks, nothin' says 'Nirvana' like a light-em-up Buddha.
('Specially when it's a gift from Madam Herself, she of the Doctorate in Comparative Literature and Doyenne of High and Low Tastes.)
If possible, also make sure to run into good friends at the shop of your choice. Remark upon the quirks of fate which make it possible for you to meet up between your beauty appointments and their rounds of Texas Hold 'Em.

3. And should you need further calm and reassurance on your big day,
look no further than:
1499159-1065093-thumbnail.jpg The Eyes of Love.

4. When you've had all the fun and folks you think you can possibly handle, head off to-- Heaven, rev.IIb:
HoneymoonHeaven1.JPG A glass of wine, a new project, and Thou.

Complete with View!