life is like knitting

Further evidence that my life follows my knitting:
After months of lace, I'm back to stockinette.

The metaphor explained (for the non-knitters in the audience [Hi, Dad!]):
Knitting lace (like the back of my wedding ensemble, the edging, and the entire stole) requires tracking each and every stitch to make sure you're doing the right thing in the right place. The good news is that you (usually) have a chart to follow, so all you need to do is glance at the squares for the current row to make sure you're on track.

And once you've been knitting the same lace pattern for a while (as I did, working the "Traveling Vines" pattern for the stole as well as the back of the top), you're no longer "married" to the chart, i.e. a pattern starts to emerge from the rote memorization and slavish tracking of each stitch, so you can get by with only glancing at the chart from time to time to make sure you're still on track.

So – living with the wedding planning on top of the house 'facelift' meant that, yes, life needed an awful lot of tracking. Every spare moment was allocated to something: painting siding, putting up trim, scheduling the roofer, ogling the roofer, tidying up the yard (thanks, Mom!), … the mindless moments were few and far between there for a few months.

Now, y'all who are Knitters (with a Capital K) will understand that I 'promised myself' a brand-new, cast-it-on-in-the-car-on-the-way-out-of-town honeymoon project … and the fact that it is decidedly NOT lace?
A huge relief.

I can't share the details quite yet, since I'm hoping that one or the other of my favorite knitting magazines will be so taken with the design as to publish it...

But off-white Blue Sky Organic Cotton soothes a newlywed's soul.

[Just realized that I've spent the better part of 5 months mostly knitting WHITE. Hmm. That's weird, considering that my stash looks like this:]

of course, it's grown since I took this shot...