breaking the laws - of physics

Quick synopsis, so you don't think I've dropped off the planet after bingeing on yarn at Stitches...
• Taught four classes in which I had a blast - hope my 75-odd students did as well. For the first time, my Sunday classes were the perfect subject matter at the right time for everyone's energy level. Felt like the best run through yet for The Wonders of Linen Stitch and Cuff Craze: New Twists on Sock Cuffs.

• Flight home was uneventful (much less hair-raising than the Chicago-Baltimore leg on the way in).
But would someone please tell me how I could hand out 75 folders with handouts, give away 20-some-odd Unpatterns, and yet have my bags be only 6 pounds lighter on the way back?

And no, before you get sassy and ask to see how much YARN I might have acquired at the market-

Amazing amounts of self-restraint, only assisted by the total lack of time between classes.
I've discovered that if I don't head to the market and have a look-see during the Thursday night preview (which they're extending to a three-hour affair, closing at 10 pm), I don't get to see it at all.

So the three sets of stitch markers can hardly account for the heavy bags on the way back.
They ain't made out of plutonium, people... But they sure are purty.

And, y'know, sometime in the next week I'll have a chance to actually unpack.